The first and only Video Game Museum in Italy
in the heart of Rome


The first permanent exhibit room in the world open to visitors where to try virtual reality!
Inside the VR Room, visitors can have the pleasure of putting on the headset and immerse themselves into the virtual world of their favourite video game, observing it from the eyes of the main character!
The experience is available without extra fares.
The available games inside the VR Room will change regularly, in order to offer visitors an always new and satisfying experience.


The Bookshop offers a wide selection of books for fans and professionals in the video games field, for example the catalogues and volumes of the Museum, with the CONSCIOUS GAMING book series.

In the shop is also possible to buy gadgets and souvenirs dedicated to the most loved and famous video games.

You don’t need to purchase a ticket to enter the Bookshop.


Roma, Via Sabotino 4
Tuesday-Sunday: 10:00-20:00

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